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April 5, 2017

What are bots and what impact could they have on the events industry?

Lots of people will have heard the term ‘bots’ being used, but how much do we understand this type of technology and the capabilities it has?

In the latest episode of the Event Industry News podcast, CEO of Event2Mobile Siddharth Jhunjhunwala joined the show live from New York to look at the subject of bots and explain the basic principles behind them.

During the episode, he put the idea of bots into context by explaining how they have evolved steadily from other forms of technology that we are already very used to.

“Bots and artificial intelligence (AI) are very much the same thing. When a machine can take over a task performed by a human we enter the realm of bots and AI, the parameters of which are constantly changing. 30 years we would have looked upon spellcheck within a word processor as artificial intelligence, whereas now it is totally ubiquitous with the way we communicate.”

During the episode, Siddharth gives some examples of how the technology has already been used successfully at meetings and events, as well as pointing out the way that bot technology can integrate with an event’s existing technology infrastructure.


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