Event Industry News Podcast

Health & Wellbeing in the events industry: do we need help?

July 25, 2017

Media outlets in the USA have reported on a study that reveals that the role of event co-ordinator is in the top five most stressful jobs. In light of this coverage, the issue of health and wellbeing within our industry was the topic of conversation in the latest Event Industry News podcast. 

Joining host James Dickson, the podcast welcomed back President of the ILEA UK Chapter Alistair Turner, and Helen Moon, Managing Director of EWL Club UK. 

During the podcast, the guests talk about the issue of health and wellbeing within the events industry, and whether it is a problem that can be tackled with better skills training. They also highlight the new eventswell.org.uk website, that has been created as a platform to host advice, help and understanding of and health and wellbeing issues affecting event professionals.